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This section is devoted to your stories about meeting Joel, knowing Joel, thinking about Joel, whatever. People send me these kind of stories all the time so I thought...why not put them on my page?

Here's a story from Veronica

This is a little joel story i have! i have waited almost two years to see joel in person which is pretty sad being that i live a whole 45 minutes away from him! mtx finally played at my local venue and nothing was going to stop me from seeing them! the first person i see when i walk in the door is....joel! hes standing in front of this mob of people behind the merchandise table talking and selling and be the cutie that he is. so of course me and my friends go up and buy lots of mtx stuff. of course mr nice guy joel is smiling and we introduce oursleves and shake hands. he was really busy so i decided to come back later. when i do see him again, i ask him about his dad. i had been e-mailing his dad a couple times in the past and i just wanted to make sure it was really his dad. he was so cute! then later i see joel sitting on the phoenix theater steps writing out the set list and i decide i want to request "i dont need you now". of course, joel and dr frank were very sweet but they say they never play it and they probably wouldnt remember it. awwwwwww! during the show me and my friends are standing right in front of joel! he is crazy while he plays but he still looks good! he poses on stage for a couple of pictures and my friend ben steals his set list. so trisha asks him for jyms but alas, he tried but it was already taken! so we ask if joel will take some pictures with us for bens 'zine. being the sweetie that he is, he throws his arms around me and trishas waists and i can feel his studded belt pressing against my hip. it felt so nice and natural to be hugging joel reader. i was ecstatic! he gave my friend ben a number to call for his 'zine and he was on his way. it was an awesome night! he was wearing a black shirt, black pants, black converses, black rubber braceletes (just like me!), and some ball chain necklaces. he looked fantastic!

And a sad one from "Naca"

My friends call me Naca (it's spanish for Punk) don't ask me why. At first I thought it meant whore so I got really mad when they'd call me that, but now I'm ok..blah blah blah. Ok now to my oooh la la sighting. I went to see the Vandals last Saturday 10/10/98. I was sitting there gazing at all the beautiful men that were not mine when I came across this very adorable, good looking guy with blonde hair wearing a red shirt and tight black pants (the pants bothered me at first, but now I don't mind them). Well anyways we decided to get up for MTX cause we were freezing our asses off, so there we are standing at the bar dancing around like poster children for crack because rejection does that to you when my friend started flashing his phone number to the band, well I couldn't have that so I shoved him out of the way and started flashing mine thinking no one would really notice when all of a sudden I turn around and who should I happen to see, but a good looking blondie wearing a red shirt and black pants playing bass and waving to me!!!! I froze, and made damn sure everyone within radius saw what had just happened. That was the exact moment MTX became my new favorite band. After their set he came down and talked to us. I tried to speak but all that came out was "skerthyundinguh". He asked if I was trying to give him my number and I told I know I know I feel like diving into a pool of cement too, but I was in denial. Then he left and I wanted to cry and that's the end.

This neat story comes from Haushinka.

It was the 4th of July '98. I was in CA visitin my uncle, and MTX was playin at Fisherman's Wharf because they won a BAM award for "Love is Dead" (the song). So before the show, I realized I had in my bookbag the isuue of BAM w/them on the cover. So I went and got pix and autographs w/ Dr. Frank and Jym. Then they went on, I took like 2 rolls of film, videotaped the whole thing, and it was the best. Lookout! punx are by far the greatest! Then after, I saw Joel on the side of the stage. So I went over, and we were talkin. He had his arm around me (it was *extremely* cold...I had 7 shirts on, and it was still freezin!) He was so happy I was all the way form NY and loved them. I got about 5 pix w/Joel, and he signed my BAM issue "Best wishes, Joel XOXO". I play bass, so I loved it. What a kikass band!!! Oh, and I got Dr. Frank's beer can, but gave it to my friend JINX, who got me into punx!

This is a nice thought. It comes from Nina in California.

My favorite Joel memory (that sounds really cheezy) was at a show when I was talking to him at the merchandise booth. We were discussing how girls can't be punx becuz the T-shirts are always too big and the cute-sy "babydoll" type ones are too trendy looking. Along comes Kepi, Groovie Ghoulie bassist and front man extrordinaire. Joel sees him and exclaims "Kepi!!" or something like that, and they hug. It was the coolest thing! My two favorite bassists!

Awwwww. Here's another one from Sam -

okay, well my friends are a nice group of punk boys. i'm also the only girl that can stand them for longer than 2 hours at a time. of course, i'm also one of only 2 girls in the group... but that's besides the point. my friends are in various punk bands, and what do you know, 2 of them are playing with mtx! so i was all excited, i mean, hell. i was gonna see mtx, and my friends are playing. what more could you want? but first the mannequin molesters (yes, cheap bids for my friends... *sigh* is my work never done?) played quite well, considering they didn't remember anything at practice one hour before that... then big fat taft played and they dedicated their one and only pop punk song to me! and then the paper children (*sob* the last show!! no!!). then i decided i wanted to buy some stuff. so i bought a work shirt with "jose" on it, and a sticker. then i turned around, and noticed joel, nose to nose with me. i was like, "jesus christ, i am touching joel... my goal has been met. well, one of them...." i asked him to sign my flier i had handy (hell, it had 4 of the best bands i know! well, so what if 3 are local?), and he signed it, "sam, thanks for showing up! stay punk. xoxo, joel mtx." then i shook his hand, and said, "i just want to say that you are very good looking." and he said, "well, thank you. (he was blushing.) coming from someone as young as you are (hey, i'm only 3 years behind), that's very frightening... but also very flattering. thank you. hope you enjoy the show." and winked at me. what a man... anyway, the show kicked ass, and it was a good night overall... other than lugging heavy equipment out to my friend's cars all night... grr... and dr. frank said hi to me, too. he's pretty cool... thats my story. later.

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