Facts about Joel

Here is something that I'm sure you all out there have been dying to know: Who exactly is the mysterious Joel Reader? Well, if you've ever wondered about the man behind the madness...er...craziness at least, here are some facts:

*All information is supplied by an anonymous source*

His birthday is april 3rd, 1977. (He just turned 21) That would make him an aries by Western astrology.

He attended Watsonville High School, "Home of the Wildcats."

Skinniness runs in the family.

He's not really a cologne kind of guy... more like "au naturel.."

He is incredibly diligent about brushing his pearly whites... we're talking more than 3 minutes!!!

His idea of an "overnight bag" (for toiletries, clean boxers, etc.) is a plastic bag...grocery-style.

He has a really funky breakdancing 'how-to' poster in his room. (well, his old room...i imagine he's hung it in his new one,too.)

He's truly straight-edge... never smoked a cigarette (or anything else, for that matter!) and claims to have only taken sips of liquor. (he found it vile, and I quote...)

To get that spikey punk rock look, he uses good ol' Vasoline in his hair.

He drives a white sporty-style car with several MTX stickers across the back window..I'd tell you the year and make, but that might be pushing it.

*Disclaimer: I believe all information included on this page to be correct. However, in my pursuit of truth, I would thank you to notify me if you feel that any of it is wrong. Thank you.*

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