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The JOEL Page

Joel fans unite! This is a page about Joel, the *former* bass player/backup singer for the Mr. T Experience. Yes, former. If you haven't already heard, Joel is no longer a member of MTX. But never fear! Joel is still fronting the Plus Ones, and now has lots of time to tour with them. Rather than bemoan the loss of a great bass player and backup singer, celebrate Joel's awesome songwriting and vocal talents - just listen to the Plus Ones!

STILL WANNA HAVE A JOEL EXPERIENCE??? Click here to find out when and where the Plus Ones are playing.
STILL LOVE MTX (don't we all)??? Lucky for you, they're also playing shows every now and again. Click here for info.

Got a boring computer desktop? Download the Joel collage, created by Even Sven, to spice it up!

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