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Joel's talents are currently devoted to his band, the Plus Ones. In addition to playing bass and singing lead vocals for the group, he also showcases his songwriting skills. How multi-talented! Be on the lookout! for shows, albums, and developments from this very up-and-coming band.

Still, Joel is best known for his years in the Mr. T Experience. Spawned out of Berkely in the 80s, this band has been a pop punk figurehead for years. Joel used to plays bass guitar and sing backup vocals for the MTX, filling the shoes of Aaron and, before that, Byron, both previous bass players for MTX. Here's a little story about how Joel first got tangled up in this whole big MTX mess:

The story of Joel's entry into MTX is a case of the Gods of Fortune smiling on everyone. Joel's sister, Nicole, 8 years older, had already graduated from U.C. Berkeley where MTX had become her favorite band. Over the years, she had brought home all their records, and, as a result, MTX was also Joel's favorite band in the world. In the fall of 1994, his sister took him to a show at Gilman in Berkeley. Nicole recognized Dr. Frank in the audience. Joel introduced himself and learned that Aaron had just jumped to Samiam. Joel announced that he played the bass (neglecting to add he was only 17 and still in high school). Two weeks later, Joel received a phone message: come and jam with the band. At the practice studio, Dr. Frank and Jym were amazed to find that Joel knew by heart all the bass lines and lyrics, plus could contribute a new ingredient to MTX- strong harmonies. As Dr. Frank often says, Joel was born and bred to be in Mr. T. Their first performance together was Dec. 30, 1994, live on KALX radio in Berkeley, their first club gig on Jan. 6, 1995. Many more shows would follow, turning Joel's senior year on its head.

Information provided by the MTX Family Circle

Though Joel really was a fabulous addition to the band, playing kickin' bass and harmonizing like nobody's business, I'm sure Dr. Frank and the gang will find a way to get along without him. In the meantime, he's creating a new legend with Danny and Scotty in the Plus Ones.
As for Joel's personality, well, one can only speculate, but rumour has it he's one smart cookie! He had good grades in high school and was even a National Merit Scholar. I have recieved many testimonies to his "niceness" and, yes, I have witnessed it myself. He'll take pictures with or hug anyone that asks. So don't be afraid if you find yourself next to him at a show. Just..go over and ask.

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